Thursday, August 18, 2011

The bay area

Consistent internet connections have been few and far between since we arrived in the bay area. San Francisco is beyond rough terrain for the birthday machine and the good ol Terry but we still managed to meet some great people and record a great band in the middle of the city.
Our friend Dusty got us in touch with the band the green door and we captured them in the middle of the night and by that I mean until 7am. Thanks for being such a trooper Mike!
Aside from that we have been recording in the smaller areas around San Francisco. Wrote some music for our friend Sonja in Santa cruz, ran in to and recorded the western skylarks (our shortest session yet), met a fairy princess who was kind enough to buy us Thai food for dinner, and met an Irish man who invited us over and fed our arsenal of politically incorrect jokes.

Today our friend Christian set us up with a full day of great musicians in a little town called point Reyes. Funny thing about being here is the place we found to record in charges hourly, but people in the town donated to the cause.
Kipper ghost

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