Thursday, August 4, 2011

Working with audix

The Audix guys are awesome. They were helping us check out the microphones before we left town today. The Portland sessions sound amazing and apparently we got through them without damaging any mics. Go AMP! And thanks to Audix.
Kipper out

Monday, August 1, 2011

Industrial folk

A few nights ago we wandered in to a speakeasy that our friend Greggory Stockert told us about. We'll leave the name out so it can keep its word of mouth stature. Nevertheless, we witnessed some amazing performances and we knew we had to set up a session with them.
One of those musicians was Dusty Santanmaria who asked us to set up in a great open building down in the industrial area.
We arrived and set up while the man who owned the place, Dylan Lee Johnston warmed the room with his music. As the night went on we started drawing the attention of more and more great musicians. Also on the list was the haunting Tasche De La Rocha, Jesse Nelson, and Galen Ballinger. Dylan's space was wonderful but the sound really came out in to the large open space that we moved in to later. We recorded late in to the night, well...morning, with the aid of the sound of that room and a couple bottles of red wine. Once we finally cut, Dylan's space opened up again for an incredibly spooky impromptu jam session. A very late but also very successful evening for the ampp team. Kipper out dy

David coffin

<p>Amp has been very blessed with fantastic musicians to record over these past few weeks. We have done sessions in warehouses, kitchens, dining rooms, and at parties. And during our time out, one name has been brought up by multiple musicians. That name is David coffin.</p>
<p>Well after a few weeks of phone calls to his friends we got the elusive David Coffin. This man has refused to be on tape for over 40 years. We don't blame him. Sometimes the steril environment of a studio can be very counterproductive to the musical process.

Here is where we come in. Our ability to bring a studio to the musician, in an environment that they are comfortable with, is the reason why Mr. Coffin agreed to record with us.

On a side note, a puppet theater across the street was doing face paintings.
Baddacat out.