Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Logo that changed everything.

Yesterday the AMPP team hand painted a logo on our trailer. Everyone we talked to said, "you should go out and pay to have someone cut it out of vinyl." 
Now what is the fun in that?

Here at AMPP we are all about doing things the hard way and let me tell you everything from drawing the rough outline to applying the pigment is hard when corrugated aluminum is your canvas.
Luckily we were able to talk Hilary Clare Swain into driving down from Portland to help us. Hilary is extremely skilled. She is a educated interior architect, industrial designer, and artist. 

Once we had the outline drawn, and we were confident the placement was worth making it permanent, we started. Scott, a bit against his will, even helped apply the oil. (I think Hilary, and her stone hand, scared  him..... it scared me and I think I'm awesome at large format painting.)

We painted through the day until it got to 100 degrees, then we walked down to the river and toyed with the idea of getting in. 

There is something about the Rogue River that makes you rethink your judgement of the ambient temperature. It feels like a brain freeze, only in the very marrow of your bones.  

Thank you Hilary for lending us one of your many talents. We couldn't have pulled off that little URL font without you. You are a truly amazing individual. 

All I have left to do on it is add a few more details and go over the drawing with a sharp ink line. That helps to tighten up the overall look.

When I am done I think people are going to ask me, "Where did you get vinyl this big cut?"